Week 3 Post

So for my third week, I learned how to arrange all of my social media networks so that I am not scattered around the place.  Hootsuite is a great website to keep everything together so that I can manage them on one website.  It is an all around great website because I can check my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at once.

When I graduate from the University of Delaware, I plan on taking my education to the next level by continuing my education to a higher level.  With these websites, I can easily be prepared for what is to come next on my journey into the FBI.  I could use these blog accounts to help people get a better look at my skills and personality as well as my strengths and to help my weaknesses.  I feel like the information that I am learning will be a great resource for helping with my career and to help continue my education.


Week 2 Post

This week I learned that you can use twitter to your advantage when trying to reach out to the public when applying for a job or for future employers to look at. You can put your strengths up or what you have accomplished. Basically, like the title says, brand yourself. Give yourself a good image and get out there. Someone could find you and see your strengths and possibly hire you or ask you for an interview for a position.

Week 1 Post

Hi, my name is Alex Romano and I want to major in criminal justice.  Now I love everything about the law.  Whether it is following it, protecting it or enforcing it.  I want to be a state police officer but I must start off small like a county  or local.  I’ve been applying to police departments in the city of Wildwood, New Jersey to start off small.  The requirements are a little bit lengthy but it will be worth it in the end.  I know cops get a lot of crap today but I am willing to make a change in the system and make it fair for everyone.  I am a hardworking student and employee and is willing to do what it takes to follow my career. Here is an example of good police work.