Week 11 Post

This semester has been really crazy for me.  As i look back, it had it’s ups and downs but I have survived most of it.  The role that this course has played for me was a very helpful one.  I am using social media not for just entertainment, but also for career help.  I know how to use different websites that I have never heard of as well as post my accomplishments for all to see.  I learned how to make videos on the internet and how to create and stay with my blog.  When I look back at my old posts, I see a lot of errors and confusion in them.  When I first started, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I was lost but as I watched the videos, read the articles and followed the directions, it became more clear to me.  Using these different websites to help me in the future has become much easier for me.  I feel like college job-training because I am learning different things for my career I want to pursue in.  Also, it will help prepare me for what my career might throw at me.  I am a Criminal Justice major so I expect them to teach me law, psychology and other things that might fall under my major.  But as I think about it, I am learning more then just my job but I am learning responsibilities and taking care of myself.  Next semester, I will be on main campus and moving out of my parents house.  So I will have to provide for me and for anyone else who might be with me.


Week 9 Pos

For m meme, I chose to do a batman theme about Donald trump.  the reason for m idea, I used Robin as a trump supporter and Batman as a non- Donald trump supporter.  Obviously voting for Donald trump would be a bad idea, so Batman has to slap some sense into Robin.  I used memegenerator.net to make his meme.  It was very easy to do.  the message that I am trying to convey is that if Batman won’t vote for Donald trump, then neither should you.

batman slap robin - So Im thinking of voting for Donald trump. the hell you are

Week 8 Post

So I picked Twitter as my cool tool because with this social media website, employers will be able to see what you are capable of and if you would be a suitable employee for the job.  On Twitter, you can put things that you have accomplished, goals, and interests. I will link my twitter page:  https://twitter.com/AlexRomano2118

I made a Google Site today that will be explaining my interests.  My idea is about my major and what I plan on doing to get to my goal which is to be in the FBI or CIA.  It’s going to take baby steps, but with the knowledge and this website, employers can see how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished. Here is the link to my site:  https://sites.google.com/a/udel.edu/romano/

Week 7 Post

This week, I had to create a resume for when I gradate and to talk about my goals for college.  I feel like I have already completed most of my goals, but the biggest one is coming out with a degree in criminal justice.  Making this temporary resume will make it easier to see how far I have gotten in my journey in college. I will be able to make new goals for the future once I have completed the ones in front of me.  I will be attaching the link in this post if you would like to view my resume.



Week 6 Post

Copyright law is protection of original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium including literacy, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works.  I believe that the copyright law is needed because It wouldn’t be fair to the author of something to no get credit for someone putting their work into a research paper or essay of some sort.  It’s almost like telling someone a really funny joke and then that person uses it and impresses other people with your joke.  It just isn’t fair.  I think that the copyright law should be issued onto anything for as long as possible because it’s that author or producers work and they should be recognized for it.  It’s pretty much considered plagiarism for someone to use someone else work.  I believe that remixing is the same thing as plagiarism because they are using intellectual words that are coming from someone else and basically mixed around to sound different.  You still need to give the author credit for it.

Week 5 Post

This week, I learned about a new website called Symbaloo and so far, I’ve been using it all the time.  I can access all of my social media devices and add ones to my list.  If I need help finding a website or checking out other peoples blogs then I can do so with Symbaloo.  I went looking around for websites that would interest me the most and I couldn’t really find any that revolved around my major or any that could help me with my career. There were a ton of flaws in the sites because they didn’t give me what I wanted.  I’ll keep looking for more.

Week 4 Post

I have learned about a website called Bitly and have come to a conclusion that this website could be very helpful.  You use it to save web URLs so that if you need to look it up again or forgot what it was, you could bookmark the URL and go to Bitly to find it easily.  This could be helpful when trying to show someone your blog or a video that you have posted or anything that could help you in the future.  I plan on using this website for my blogs.

Week 3 Post

So for my third week, I learned how to arrange all of my social media networks so that I am not scattered around the place.  Hootsuite is a great website to keep everything together so that I can manage them on one website.  It is an all around great website because I can check my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at once.

When I graduate from the University of Delaware, I plan on taking my education to the next level by continuing my education to a higher level.  With these websites, I can easily be prepared for what is to come next on my journey into the FBI.  I could use these blog accounts to help people get a better look at my skills and personality as well as my strengths and to help my weaknesses.  I feel like the information that I am learning will be a great resource for helping with my career and to help continue my education.

Week 2 Post

This week I learned that you can use twitter to your advantage when trying to reach out to the public when applying for a job or for future employers to look at. You can put your strengths up or what you have accomplished. Basically, like the title says, brand yourself. Give yourself a good image and get out there. Someone could find you and see your strengths and possibly hire you or ask you for an interview for a position.

Week 1 Post

Hi, my name is Alex Romano and I want to major in criminal justice.  Now I love everything about the law.  Whether it is following it, protecting it or enforcing it.  I want to be a state police officer but I must start off small like a county  or local.  I’ve been applying to police departments in the city of Wildwood, New Jersey to start off small.  The requirements are a little bit lengthy but it will be worth it in the end.  I know cops get a lot of crap today but I am willing to make a change in the system and make it fair for everyone.  I am a hardworking student and employee and is willing to do what it takes to follow my career. Here is an example of good police work.